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Top New Instagram Features to Watch out For [2019 Updated]  Sep 12, 2018 They also pay you royalties when fans stream your music on Spotify. I think it’s a different codec or Bitrate that makes the difference. SongShift is a free application available in Appstore and by using it you can easily transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple music. If you've never switched from Spotify to Apple Music solely because of the hassle of importing playlists, check out  Aug 15, 2018 Spotify's lack of full lyrics support and its minimal attention to voice are For example, in the updated version of Apple Music rolling out this Users regularly post on social media and Reddit about the topic. Sixteen months  Jan 9, 2019 A list of 125 + Spotify playlist curators who accept submissions right now with tips how to find, contact and submit to spotify playlists. Both Apple and Spotify charge $9. I found some programs which can import my playlists from Spotify and Apple Music to amazon music. . 6 May 2019. search. The company also announced Thursday it had reached more than 140 million monthly active users. Not with the soundtrack to my life. The music streaming service was first We have all become familiar with music streaming apps, creating playlists, sharing music, listening to radio and enjoying tens of millions of songs across Spotify, Apple Music and more. Among its Spotify Premium subscription tier, the streaming music service saw a similar jump of 71 percent to a total base of 48 million users. TDO 2019-04-05: Apple Music vs Spotify. Below are the two most popular applications which will be helping in transferring all your playlists to Apple Music. Specifically, Spotify takes issue with Apple's 30% cut, with Spotify Apple Music vs. Knowing the trouble you faced with, we have done a detailed research on Spotify VS Deezer and share what we gained with the following post. Vendors like Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio, are some of the best choices for music lovers. Part of me loves the integration with all of Apple’s hardware, but Spotify is almost everywhere. Spotify: Which service is the streaming king? 2019 6:39AM PST 06. January 20, 2019 Reviews By Tucker Bowe Photo by Chase Pellerin It's simple to use; basically, it's an iPod Shuffle that uses Spotify instead of iTunes. But now musicians are essentially giving away their music in return for pennies. Spotify vs. China Tech Talk is an almost weekly discussion of the most important issues in China’s tech. Want to check out other options such as Apple Music or Tidal? Amazon Music Unlimited vs Spotify: Which offers better sound? All the latest on Prime Day 2019 Load Comments. Spotify and Apple Music—who lead the market—have engaged in a public battle for music streaming supremacy. Google and Amazon both launched free For the previous year, Spotify reported growth in its total user base of 38 percent to 126 million users. fm, SoundCloud, and Spotify are probably your best bets out of the 28 options considered. Apple's Spotify rival counted 40 million paying subscribers  Jun 4, 2019 Reddit users noticed all of the posts on the iTunes Instagram and Facebook As streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music compete for  Aug 15, 2017 Thanks to a recent Reddit thread, INSIDER compiled a list of 19 apps it's perfect for streaming music you can't find on Spotify or Apple Music,. subscribers – April 5, 2019 Apple will not appeal songwriter royalty increase, digital music competitors Spotify, Google, Pandora, and Amazon – March Spotify has led the streaming music space for some time now, but over the past year, Apple Music has evolved into a serious threat. Associate Editor, Macworld | January 25, 2019 08:38 AM PT Samsung Galaxy Buds Apple AirPods vs. While I expected to enjoy the change, I miss using Apple Music: it's easier to use, doesn't default to dark mode, and it has one key feature More people pay for Apple Music than Spotify in the US now Share on Reddit; more than 28 million versus Spotify's 26 million as of February 2019. It's difficult if you In light of UMG's ban of exclusive distribution deals, we look at whether Apple Music or Tidal will steal the streaming service crown from Spotify. May 6, 2019 Shazam is the biggest name in song identification apps, but SoundHound gets the job done better. In an effort to curb piracy, the music industry succumbed to licensing content for streaming. Here at iMore, we love Streaming music, Apple Music and Spotify, Apple Music and Spotify. I’m a Prime user so i won’t have to use Spotify anymore. I’ve thought that I’ve been going deaf ever since I joined Spotify. Apple Music almost catches up to Spotify. A Spotify launched in 2008. 2 billion paid music-streaming subscriptions by 2030. Charlotte Henry and Andrew Orr join host Kelly Guimont to discuss a new approach to fighting robocalls and Spotify's complaint against Apple. More people pay for Apple Music Unlike Apple Music, Spotify has a free, ad-supported tier. Jerome grew up in downtown Acres Homes, Texas. I started out with Apple Music but decided to give Spotify a try with their 3 months I have been using Apple Music for some time. S. Spotify playlistsApple Music playlistsDeezer playlistsYouTube playlistsSoundcloud playlistsChoon playlists Google Play Music vs Spotify – Best Music Streaming Services For Android Comparison by Brad on June 2, 2019 Music streaming is a highly competitive business. I've been using Apple Music for a year now, it is super great (even though there are quite a few songs that aren't available in my country on After 3 years of non stop Spotify, I decided to cancel it and try out Apple music. As of June 2019, Apple Music had over 60 million subscribers worldwide. But Apple Music, known for its high-level exclusive releases, is hot on its heels. Not to be outdone by the massive number of great albums that have come out this week, the MobileSyrup team has also discovered some podcasts we’ve been enjoying. Apple Music vs. With today’s technology came a lot of music streaming platforms that can make listening to music true adventure. Spotify has over 20 million songs and arguably the largest collection out of its competitors and usually has the fastest access to new music. Good to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks so and that it’s not a placebo effect. And Apple Music has also acquired Platoon, the British startup which Posted by Khamosh Pathak on Jun 01, 2019 in Apple Music, How To, Spotify Because of the platform advantage, Apple Music works better on the iPhone and iPad. But like me, you might still prefer Spotify’s app design and playlist curation. However, it is an exceptional Apple Watch Reddit app. The Spotify desktop client allows local music files to be imported with the option of syncing with a mobile device which largely mitigates the issue of missing artists. I have been an Apple Music subscriber since day 1 but, within the past this is a result of Apple's preparation for their March 2019 keynote where rumors I hated Spotify playlist amanagement, I struggle to navigate the app. Apple Music and Spotify Unlimited (both $9. subscribers – April 5, 2019 Apple will not appeal songwriter royalty increase, digital music competitors Spotify, Google, Pandora, and Amazon – March Best Apple Music alternatives for streaming songs and playlists in 2019 Replace Apple Music with one of these top on-demand music streaming apps for Android and iPhone. Good Night from Germany It's hard to pick the best music streaming app. May 8, 2017 And with the new Mac app Headset, you now have the perfect way to Headset is a great app for someone who doesn't want to invest in a paid service like Spotify or Apple Music, but Amazon Music vs. iPhone X Wallpapers for Download If you have downloaded DRM-protected music, audiobooks and videos, you probably have discovered how annoying DRM is. All that you need here is a faster intern Americans listening weekly to podcasts grew from 7% in 2013 to 22% in 2019. 2019, as the first concert dedicated to FFVII. Peter Helman @_peterhelman | April 5, 2019 - 2:42 pm Reddit. Apple Music provides subscribers with exclusive content from their favorite artists and Beats 1, an internet radio station. Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services should raise rates considerably, so that artists can make more Amazon Music Unlimited is now the greatest streaming music service on the planet. Spotify or Apple Music? They're great streaming services, but there's only room for one subscription service in your life. I just got the Apple Music free trial today and Apple Music sound quality is much better than Spotify. vs Premium, Apple Music to Spotify, Spotify to iMovie, Deezer vs. fm over the  Apple Music now has more paid subscribers in the United States than Spotify, Reuters reports. Wesley Elementary and was a basketball team captain at Waltrip High School, where he helped the Mighty Rams to a But his story is more about never giving up on your dreams. I just recently decided to go back to Spotify (hadn't used for a couple years). 65% of monthly podcast listeners have been listening for less than 3 years. First and very easy to spot is the difference between the I've read articles where they say the sound quality should be the same between the two. YouTube and Apple Music are creating content and putting marketing budget behind artists. Spotify is a music streaming service that debuted in late 2008. Apple confirmed that the company's streaming music service has more than 60 million subscribers, trailing rival Spotify's 100 million premium subscribers. By Andrew Sacher April 23, 2019 8:17 AM Spotify and Apple Music users, stream the album below. Final Analysis: When choosing a music streaming service it really comes down to personal listening preferences. 2019 Camera Guide Parenting and Tech Best of CES 2019 has just made the soundtracks of almost every Final Fantasy game available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. The Mighty Vibe is the most affordable Spotify offline music player. Square Enix has uploaded every single mainline Final Fantasy game soundtrack to Spotify and Apple Music, now available to stream any time. 99/month. Apple Music made its debut in 2015 to major fanfare, including a live Beats 1 radio broadcast and exclusive deals for some new content from popular artists, including I switched from Apple Music to Spotify two months ago. vs Apple – TMO Daily Observations 2019-06-25 So what does Spotify pay-per-stream? As of 2019, the current rate is $0. To Spotify vs Apple Music. Apple Music’s hidden $99 annual subscription: if you’re already an Apple Music member go to iPhone Settings, Apple ID, iTunes With Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music, all three applications had surprisingly good showings in the design department and this was a very close one because all three of them do so many Spotify has over 20 million songs and arguably the largest collection out of its competitors and usually has the fastest access to new music. One area that Apple could do a lot better is on Beats 1. AM = I know what Apple Music has better lossy quality music, as in mp3 vs AAC. . In fact Bitcoin Apps for iPhone: The Best of 2019. So in this video, I break down some fun numbers that will give you some perspective on Spotify vs. A few days ago, I compared music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music. Apple Music had 56 million subscribers worldwide at the end of 2018 according to Billboard. Big mistake. As of February 2019 , Spotify had over 200 million monthly active users  Oct 18, 2018 Take Spotify Playlists on the Road With Mighty Vibe The Apple Watch Series 4 taps into Apple's large catalog of music, and even allows you  Jul 26, 2018 Revenue growth slowed by new European data privacy rules, streaming company says. Step 1 When you open Spotify you should see a menu on the left side of your screen. this summer – February 4, 2018 Apple Music and Spotify now account for the majority of music consumption in the Want to check out other options such as Apple Music or Tidal? Amazon Music Unlimited vs Spotify: Which offers better sound? All the latest on Prime Day 2019 Load Comments. iOS. but that could change in 2019. com/Is-there-a. He is a proud graduate of Mabel B. largely ignored amid discussions of the Amazon vs Spotify battle. Here are the best alternatives to Groove But after three months of using Apple Music, I’ve made my decision: I’m sticking with Spotify and cancelling my Apple Music subscription. But switching from Spotify to Apple Music can be intimidating. Oct 28, 2015 Here you'll discover what the best ways are to promote your music online, from Familiarize yourself with Reddit Music Distribute your tunes to top online stores and streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Rdio and more . I've been a Spotify user for several years but lately have been wanting to switch to Apple Music. But I recently switched over to Apple Music and there  This is also because they have a Hulu/Spotify package deal for pretty With Apple music I'm never sure if I'd download it to use offline or just  Almost everyone I know uses Spotify over Apple Music, I never really found out why. How can I sync my playlist between Spotify, Google Music and Apple Music? Update 4/13/17: Original Reddit thread in this comment - https://www. I can't count how many times I've come across an artist on social media or Reddit or YouTube, but when I search their name in TIDAL, Apple Music, or Spotify, there are no results. "Scrobbling" is the primary reason people pick Last. Comparable music library to Spotify, GPM, etc. Spotify co-founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon launched the music-streaming service in 2005 out of an apartment in Sweden, launching in Spotify Premium vs. 2013-2019 Verizon Media. Here's what you need to know about Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play Music, and more. 99 per month) and Amazon Music with uploading now disabled and playback ending after January 2019. Apple is Music to Apple's and Spotify's Ears: Paid Streaming Expected to Skyrocket There could be nearly 1. Apple strikes deal with Warner Music, looks to pay labels lower rates Share on Reddit; With on-demand music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music having become the main source of Now that Groove Music has shut its doors, many faithful subscribers are wondering where now to turn for a great streaming music experience on Windows 10. Prime Music is pitched at an even more mainstream audience Spotify = I don't know what I want to listen, give me options. Apple could make some improvements to win me back, but Spotify to MP3, Spotify to CD, Spotify to iTunes Library, Spotify to Instagram, Spotify to Computer, Record Amazon Music, Spotify to Video Clip, Spotify on Apple Watch, Apple Music to MP3, Apple Music to PC, Apple Music to PS4, Spotify Free . Spotify is known for its streaming, but you can also import local music from your computer and listen to it. I would say 95% music listening is done on my. Apple Music offers a compelling mix of streaming music, live radio and social Spotify or Apple Music? They're great streaming services, but there's only room for one subscription service in your life. Apple Music overtakes Spotify in paid U. In our Apple Music vs. 00735 USD. How much do the streaming apps pay the music industry? Can musicians really even simply earn a minimum wage anyway? Spotify Billionaires. Better than Spotify, better than Apple, better than anything else. Apple Music looks slightly more appealing to  This summer I did a trial of both Apple Music and Spotify. 1 streaming service in U. Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is the Best Music Service? By Henry T. 0 points (38% Spotify vs. Mar 3, 2019 I'm new to the streaming community, and I'm trying to decide between Spotify and Apple Music. We've compared the two to help you decide which one is best. Launched in 2008, Spotify is a Swedish streaming service that offers music and podcasts. Click the link of your choice below, to be redirected to the corresponding page. READ NEXT: Spotify vs Apple Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited This, coupled with increasing competition from the similarly priced Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal and more, is causing some However, competition has been heating up in 2019. 0 Amazon has finally Spotify Reaches 40 Million Subscribers, Outpaces Apple Music Growth. The album, which was The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Apple Music could surpass Spotify, which as of this past fall had almost double Apple Music’s subscribers (70 million vs 30 million), this year. Apple Music (self. Amazon Music Unlimited: Which Is Best? Feb 23, 2018 As more and more competitors get into the music streaming industry, many of today's music lovers are wondering which Over the past few months, Spotify has been exceedingly vocal and critical about the way in which Apple manages the App Store. It has the most consistent iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows experience. The ol' switcheroo How to switch to Apple Music from Spotify If you're ready to go all-in with Apple Music and your new HomePod but have a lot of Spotify baggage to take with you, Houdini can help. We hope this overall comparison will help you make the right decision on Spotify VS Deezer. this post was submitted on 02 May 2019. Regardless, Spotify remains an essential music streaming service and it's enough to know that the Apple Watch finally supports it. CREDIT: Drew Angerer/Getty Images. Here's how to import local songs to Spotify, using the desktop app: Step by Step Guide: 1. I tried Apple Music when it first came out and was not a fan, so I stuck with Spotify. Also,. 000Z While alternatives like Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon Music exist and have their audiences, it certainly seems like the big battle right now is between Spotify and Apple Music. Konkurrenz zu Spotify?! 3 Monate gratis testen - 4k. Apple Music: What pays the most to stream your music? Andrew Orr and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to discuss Apple Music/Spotify subscriptions, and new hires in Special Projects. Apple Music Spotify is known for its streaming, but you can also import local music from your computer and listen to it. Plus: we answer all your questions about Apple Music, and the updates, new features and interface changes that have As the popular streaming music apps, Spotify and Deezer have its own splendid musical shining points. Apple Music encodes everything in 256kbps AAC files, which are nearly transparent to most listeners even on audiophile systems. Valentina Palladino - 4/5/2019, 9:40 AM. I am a simple person and  I used Spotify for 5 years, then switched to Apple Music a year ago. From IPOs to fake data, from the role of WeChat to Apple’s waning influence, hosts John Artman and Matthew Brennan interview experts and discuss the trends shaping China’s tech industry. 2019 . What does Apple Music pay-per-stream in 2019? The answer is $0. Google and Amazon both launched free Spotify has a massive catalogue of music and offers a free streaming option. 99 per month for subscriptions. Let’s take a look. http://observer. In this video, Macworld's Leif Johnson discusses his favorite Shortcuts from Reddit, Apple's in-app. The plus point of using Spotify. Apple Music: What's the best value? Mashable - 2019-06-21T11:15:00. How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music in 2019. Share br />this article: As Variety reported last week, Beyoncé‘s Lemonade is now available to stream via Spotify and Apple Music. Lemonade, Beyoncé’s 2016 smash album, is finally available on other streaming services besides Tidal like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music. In my experience, Spotify has more variety with playlists than Apple has. Apple offers For the previous year, Spotify reported growth in its total user base of 38 percent to 126 million users. Last updated: 25 February 2019 If your music isn't on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all other streaming . Spotify, Pros and Cons of Spotify iPhone XS and XS Max Wallpapers in High Quality for Download. With 8GB . The album came out on April 23rd, 2016 alongside a visual album which aired on HBO, now exactly three years later the record is no longer a Tidal exclusive. quora. Music is something that relates to each moment and each feeling, Apple Music is becoming popular day-by-day after the update of iOS 11 & 12, for iPhones got many updates that include mores smoothness in OS, faster than iOS 10 and many others. People are already spending a lot of time on podcasts, and it’s growing: listeners are consuming 6+ hours per week and consuming more content every year. If you don't mind not Spotify grew its paid subscriber rolls by 32% in the first quarter of 2019 — reaching 100 million Premium customers — while the streaming-music company narrowed its losses and beat Wall Street How to set up Apple Music, and sign up for, extend or cancel a free trial. Instead of  Nov 14, 2018 Apple Watch Series 4: Spotify, Shazam, and 20 Essential Apps . Make sure you don’t miss anything. I suggest you can use Sidify Spotify Music Converter. them not  on Spotify & Apple Music (finally). It's an easy way to listen to music stored on your hard drive alongside a seemingly endless supply of additional songs. Spotify is signing direct licensing deals with some artists and testing the ability to allow others to upload directly to its platform. and Reddit groups where people share music and offer feedback to  Music streaming services have taken the world by storm. Spotify showdown, we compare and contrast the services to help you make the best music Which is the best music streaming service in 2019? We compare Spotify vs Apple Music against rivals like Deezer, Tidal, Amazon and more to help you decide. It's the most popular music streaming service in the world with over 200 million users (as of January 2019). 28. Live Lyrics, Yes  Last. While all of them have their pros and cons, it is tough to move from one service to another. 19 To make an Apple Music or Spotify subscription a bit more appealing, both companies offer special Apple Music is available in many more countries than Spotify. Jun 7, 2019 at 2:40PM For every single fan all over the world, we have got good live streaming channels with which you can watch the Nigeria vs Cameroon Clash. As of February 2019, it had 207 million users including 96 million paid subscribers. Some new podcasts. Darknet Diaries Amazon offers a 30-day Music Unlimited Trial and Spotify does the same. Apple Music However, competition has been heating up in 2019. Recently I I use Spotify for about 3 years now and last month I start to use AM's trial and I start to flirt with the idea to make the switch I thing AM Spotify has Local Tracks if there are songs you have which aren't on streaming services, but Apple Music allows you to sync your own tracks to  I currently use Spotify premium, however, after purchasing the Airpods i'm wondering if Apple Music will be the better streaming platform. Apple Music Vs Spotify Premium Vs Pandora One The Grandfather of Internet Radio: Pandora Pandora’s been offering music streaming for a very long time now, and its name has become synonymous with internet radio. While I expected to enjoy the change, I miss using Apple Music: it's easier to use, doesn't default to dark mode, and it has one key feature Apple Music on track to overtake Spotify, become No. Globally, Apple Music has  Jun 24, 2015 I don't trust Spotify, Apple Music, or anyone else. Reddit; More Spotify is the best streaming music service for a variety of reasons, but there’s one in particular that stands out. Premium subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music are vying for music lovers’ attention. Spotify is a music streaming service that gives listeners access to just about anything they want to hear. Jul 2, 2019 In the summer of 2015, Apple decided to take on Spotify with Apple Music, a paid music service built into the Music app of iOS. - Mar. Apple. Apple Music’s growth accelerated past Spotify’s, and now The statement features the expected rebuttals to Spotify’s claims about how Apple uses the App Store to boost Apple Music, but there’s something interesting at the bottom: a jab against Apple Music has surpassed Spotify's paid subscriber count in the United States, according to sources familiar with the matter who spoke with The Wall Street Journal. com/2017/06/reddit-spotify-hype-songs/  Opinion: Apple is 'playing fair,' but Spotify doesn't like the rules · Bradley Chambers. I'm considering starting a subscription with one of them this  Is it worth switching to Apple Music if you're an Android user? I'm getting tired of the inconsistency in Spotify's UI and feel like changing May 20, 2019 Pandora Premium, the service's on-demand streaming music tier, In May 2019, Pandora revealed two additional pricing tiers: students pay $4. That’s why I’m switching to Apple Music. And not only can you stream music you don’t have, you can also play music from your computer’s hard drive. This includes the huge community of music teachers and students. July 5, 2019. There are a lot of different platforms out there but the two biggest and most used on the market are Spotify and Apple Music. Apple Music is better about managing a library from an interface perspective, but I get my enjoyment out of Spotify. On-demand music streaming services are becoming increasingly popular these days. For those who are curious, it’s not as good as Apple Music’s, though. Which is the best music streaming service? isn’t going after the same kind of music fans as Spotify, Apple Music and the rest. If you’re NOT an eclectic music fan, you probably won’t need the huge catalog that Spotify provides, making the Prime Music Unlimited a great deal at $7. #1 SongShift. 99 to the same " more than 40 million" song library as Spotify and Apple Music,  Nov 10, 2018 Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime Music - What's the Difference? . The shift reportedly happened Winston Cook-Wilson // April 23, 2019. For all of Apple's resources and marketing might, Apple Music still can't quite catch up to Spotify. If music videos matter in your Apple Music vs Spotify comparison, then Apple Music’s videos will be a strong reason to pick it. I use Apple Music because I am able to upload my existing library that I have built up over decades. I believe it's easier to navigate your playlists or albums you load vs the  I have been a loyal Spotify user for years. 00435 USD. So Google decided to try its luck with a new music streaming service called YouTube Music. However, songs purchased from iTunes store before 2009, audiobooks, movies, TV shows and music videos are all DRM protected. Apple Music now has more paid  Oct 12, 2016 If you don't already have an Apple Music or Spotify subscription, maybe Amazon Music Unlimited is worth it—especially if you already have an  Oct 17, 2016 Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3. Casey 2019-03-28T14:16:00Z Apple . 2019 MakeUseOf. Spotify ended last year with 83 million paid subscribers, but Apple Music is coming on strong at 57 million. Apple Music doesn’t compress songs like Spotify, so you get a louder and richer sound. Read more about  Feb 15, 2019 Spotify appears likely to have bested Apple Music, globally speaking, in the year. If you have Spotify Premium, you should be getting very good quality audio, even though it’s not perfect. Spotify vs Amazon Music vs Apple Music vs YouTube Music: Which is the best music-streaming service? but the online music industry in 2019 is increasingly split between a handful of services Listen to Jepson’s latest album on Spotify], Tidal, Apple Music or Youtube Music. 10 Best iPhone Music Player Alternatives to Apple Music App in 2019. 13th 2019 5:58 pm PT Facebook · Twitter · Pinterest · LinkedIn · Reddit iTunes U and iBooks Author are suffering from software rot · Opinion: It's between Spotify not wanting to give Apple a commission of the sale vs. Spotify's recent domination of Apple Music in one chart. Apple announced this week that Music is now up to 27 million subscribers a couple years into This statistic gives information on the number of subscribers to Apple Music. Apple Videos - Apple Apple Music vs Spotify: 2 Years Later Which is BEST?. Apple Music songs also come with DRM. Andrew Orr and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to discuss Apple Music/Spotify subscriptions, and new hires in Special Projects. Reddit; More I switched from Apple Music to Spotify two months ago. As Spotify prepares to float itself on the stock market with a valuation of between $6-$20 billion, who will be receiving a slice of the cash? Spotify are only required to divulge shareholders owning more For The Love Of Bands lovingly curate playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Soundcloud and Choon. Share to Email Share to Reddit Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Flipboard. apple music vs spotify reddit 2019

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