INFORMATION SESSION – Tuesday 23 April at 7pm in the Eagger Studio

AUDITIONS – Friday 26 and Saturday 27 April

CALL BACKS – Tuesday 30 April


PERFORMANCES – 13 to 21 September (seven performances)

The play Jasper Jones is the story of the disappearance of a teenage girl. In the fictitious mining town of Corrigan in the hot summer of 1965, adults in the town are gripped by fear for their children when the teenage daughter of the town’s mayor goes missing.  As the long hot days follow the repercussions are felt by all.

The young people cope by playing cricket; meanwhile the dark secrets and evil intentions of respected community members, long hidden behind respectable façades, are revealed.

Jasper Jones is a teenager and the Corrigan scapegoat. There is an old man with a car wreck in his front yard who is the bogey man, feared by all the young people.

It doesn’t take much to remember the fears and dread of childhood but we often forget how much fun we had. In the play Jasper Jones there are many funny moments as a counterbalance to the mystery and horror.

Sue Lindsay, who is to direct this play, was drawn to it after reading the novel by Craig Silvey. The lively characters and resilience of the young people intrigued and inspired her.


Charlie Bucktin: The narrator of the novel. He is an intellectual teenager rather than athletic. This makes him somewhat of an outsider in Corrigan, where sporting ability is highly valued and intelligence is not.
Jasper Jones: Part Aboriginal teenager, Jasper is an outcast. He is the town’s scapegoat, the first person to be blamed for any kind of trouble.
Eliza Wishart: Charlie’s romantic interest. Eliza is described as intelligent.
Jeffrey Lu: Charlie’s best friend. Because of his Vietnamese heritage, he often experiences racial discrimination from the other children, despite his exceptional cricket abilities.
Mad Jack Lionel: An elderly recluse scapegoated by the township. Kids regularly steal from his property to prove their bravery.
Mr Bucktin: Charlie’s father, a school teacher.
Mrs Bucktin: Charlie’s mother who is discontented with her life.
Warwick Trent: The town bully. He bullies Jeffrey on the cricket team.

Officer/ Man/ Stranger/ Cricketer: The local policeman and other characters.

We are looking for actors who can play these characters. They may not necessarily be the age of the character. It is recommended that people wanting to audition read the novel Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey.